Excise Tax Penalty Reconsideration in UAE


Excise Tax Penalty Reconsideration in UAE

In the UAE Excise tax Reconsideration is Impose only on definite goods that are manufactur, importe, and store.  

The Federal Tax Authority Superintend the application of on the basis.  The current tax procedure law.  Taxpayers who do not comply with the UAE laws and regulations are Penalize. However the FTA provides for the likelihood to apply. If the taxpayer is not satisfice with the authority’s decision. This is a complex process, so our tax specialist in Dubai. can guide you through the review procedure in accordance with the FTA guidelines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Importance Excise Tax Penalty Reconsideration in UAE

This is obligatory in all Emirates of the UAE. as it aims to reduce the harmful effects of certain excisable goods. an company that sells carbonate beverages, alcohol, e-cigarettes, petroleum products, etc. must implement in sequence to properly market excisable goods. This will also reduce the likelihood of the organization being subject to FTA administrative penalties.

The UAE regulatory authorities can assess the data of register companies. If a company has not complete with FTA needs within the time limits. And has Under Paid authorities may impose heavy fines. Therefore, every one taxable company in the UAE pays attention.

 Excise tax Reconsideration penalties in the UAE

  • If the taxpayer does not indicate the prices that include the tax, an managerial penalty of AED 15 000 is impose.
  • If the taxpayer fails to comply with the conditions same. To the motion of excise goods from one designate zone to another and fails              to comply with the lawful procedures. The manufacture and storage of excise goods. A fine of AED (50 000) or extra is imposed. (If              any, Appropriate to the goods as a result of the offense).
  • If the Taxable Person fails to submit price lists. The FTA for the excise goods make, important or stockpiled therein. The fine is AED                5,000 the first time and AED 20,000 in case of redo acts.
  • If you fail to register as within the advise time limit, you will be fined AED 20 000.
  • In case of non-compliance with the taxpayer may analysis. the decision of the authority in accordance with Federal Decree-Law No. 7. A human may waive the non-compliance penalty by submitting a UAE Excise tax penalty Reconsideration. Review form to the FTA, if Applicable, however, comprehensive understanding. The tax laws and experience in this procedure is require. Our tax advisors can resolve all your difficulties Excise TAX Calculation Stockpile accordance with the regulatory needs.
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