Tax Agent in Dubai


Tax Agent in Dubai

 This Accounting and Auditing is one of the  Excise Tax Agent in UAE. This Accounting is authorize by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to be prearrange by the companies and work to represent them before. Excise Tax Agent in UAE

Auditing and accounting is a register Tax Agent in UAE. We have been authorize to be appointed by dissimilar and companies to represent them before the FTA with regards to their tax affairs and taxable obligations.

The tax agent’s role is as under

We have a qualified team of accountants who are divot to solve all your tax related concerns. They have handle and controlled a lot of circumstances and provide the best suitable solutions to various companies helping them conduct their work in the smoothest way possible.  

A Tax Agent and excise health check  in UAE is a human register with the Federal tax authority (FTA who is appoint on behalf of one more person to represent him before FTA and assist him in the fulfillment of his tax obligations and the exercise of his connect tax rights.

We, as Tax agent, help the businesses with

  • Representation in front of FTA in case of any query or explanation require
  • contact and communication with FTA on tax-related matters
  • Assist in preparation of documentation or required information during the tax audit
  • Keeping constantly update with the latest information/amendments/clarification  
  • Support in submitting the refund request (if any) and assist in answering queries from FTA related to the same.

    We help your business to prepare for all excise related implementations.

  • Dealing with FTA on penalty re-evaluation applications
  • correct communication
  • assists in meeting return filing deadlines
  • Right advisor for complex tax matter
  • Provides comfort that all your returns are correctly prepare in compliance with the tax regulations
  • Keeps you update with any amendments, explanations and guidelines issue
  • Tailor tax guidance for your specific business


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