Excise Tax Deregistration In UAE


Excise Tax Deregistration In UAE

The Excise Tax Deregistration in UAEwas announc in October 2017. to control the harmful effects of certain goods or items produced in the United Arab Emirates. 

These products include energy and sweets drinks, alcohol and cigarette consumption. as well as many other products that have a negative impact on human health and the environment. The national government made it compulsory for companies to register for company is no longer. in the business of excisable wares. it is also obligatory to apply for cancellation of the Excise Tax Deregistration in UAE.

What is deregistration?

Excise Tax Deregistration in UAE is an online form submit via the (FTA) online portal. It is requested when a company is no longer  responsible for excisable wares and wishes to cancel. the cancellation   is carried out in accordance with the tax law.

In which cases do you need to request. the excise goods to be removed from the register? 

There are certain circumstances in which a register person must request. cancellation of  Excise Tax Deregistration and Tax Agents in UAE .

  • If the register person ceases taxable activities such as. the manufacture, import, and storage of excisable goods. And does not intend to deal in              those goods for a further 12-month period (1 year). Then the person must file a cancellation tax.
  • Under the UAE laws, the local authorities. have the right to make the cancellation of Excise compulsory.
  • If an applicant for requests cancellation of registration. the registrant must cancel. the tax warehouse licenses held prior to the request.

The time limit for cancellation

In accordance with the provisions set out in the Legislative Decree. the registrant must apply to the authorities within 30 days .the occurrence of any of the above situations. The FTA will reply to the request for cancellation. The  within 20 working days of receipt of the request. The taxable person must fix the dates for cancellation. The registration otherwise, he will be penaliz. This online process via the official portal of the Federal Tax Authority. The applicant must follow this step-by-step procedure:

Procedures for excise duty deregistration

If the taxable person ceases to manufacture excisable goods. the first step is to complete the form available on the FTA website. First, the applicant checks the fields previously filled in. The date from which the company needs to be remove from. the register must also be indicate. All information must be accurate and up to date. in accordance with the excise legislation in the United Arab Emirates.

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