UAE Excise Deficient Goods in Designated Zones


Excise Tax Designated Zone in UAE

The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has release an Excise Tax Public explanation. (EXTP007) Excise goods that are deficient or short of quantity and the action. for the destruction of Excise goods within a Excise Tax Designated Zone.  

The clarification offers more clearness on. The FTA’s stance on instances where relief from excise tax can be available for deficient merchandise or goods. That are found to be short of the expect quantity within a DZ. However, businesses are advise to consult with before making any decision regarding. The missing or deficient wares in a DZ.

This article offers further insights into the FTA’s elucidation. Which you can use to make any excise tax decisions regarding. The deficient or lost goods within a DZ. Read ahead to get more information:

What Is the Excise Tax Designated Zone?

Goods locate in that are classifies as wastage. deficient or little of expect quantity will be treat by. The FTA as release for consumption and therefore subject . but, as an exception, Cabinet Decision No. 37 of 2017 on the Executive Regulation.  The Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2017 allows  reassurance from accounting for excise tax on goods  locate within a DZ in certain cases.  Any register entity importing, producing or storing excisable goods can suspend/defer. The payment of tax by preserving the goods in an excisable. A Designate Zone shall be treater as being outside the UAE for Excise Tax purposes. Designated Zones refer to ‘any fence area intend to be a Free Zone. That cannot be enter or excite except through a  road and any area  DZ by. The FTA as being subject to the Tax Audit supervision of a Warehouse Keeper.


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