Financial Audit Services in Dubai


Financial Audit Services in Dubai

The objective of a Financial Audit Services in Dubai tis to add reliability to the financial position and performance of a business. 

 Throug services in Dubai a company can be able to unlock treasures and notable insights into the business. And helps to identify the issues occurring in the internal management and critical deep worthy that can help the company to address the attending and future threats and challenges to take decisions accordingly.   Auditing is one of the well audit firms in Dubai.

Financial Audit Statement 

The reporting standards and follows the rules and regulations of normally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Accounting Standards (IAS), and International Financial Reporting quality (IFRS). Our financial auditors will study the financials with optimum care and high attention and prepare an correct and authentic audit report.

Types of Financial Audit Statements

Financial Audit Services in Dubai by gathering proof and by proving a high level of internal audit assurance that the procedures are being followed by all the standards. offering four kind of which area change in equity statement indicates a company’s capital per share, attained revenue and accumulated wealth in a given time period (usually 12 months)

 Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a type of   which explains the financial location of a company; a balance sheet contains three major elements:

  • Assets
  • responsibility
  • Equities
 Income Statement

An income statement is also known as a profit or loss statement which clarify the company’s financial performance in terms of the net profit or net loss. The two major components of the income statement are:

  • Income
  •  cost
 Cash Flow Statement

The movement in cash and bank balances over a time is called a cash flow statement. A cash flow statement involves three major pursuit which are:

  • Operating activities
  •  activities
  • Financing activities


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