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We offer seamless VAT Deregistration services in Dubai  to help businesses cancel their VAT services. 

What is Deregistration of VAT in UAE

VAT deregistration, also known as cancellation or termination of VAT registration is typically done when a business needs to cancel its VAT registration with the UAE Federal Tax Authority.  VAT deregistration and VAT Penalties Reconsideration.

in UAE can be approve by the FTA only if the termination reasons are valid and the conditions are fulfille as per the law. Businesses in UAE can de-register from VAT in case. if their turnover after registering with the FTA did not excee AED 187,00 in the first 12 months. after registration or if the business ceases producing taxable supplies. 

Deregister for VAT

VAT Deregistration letter UAE is an online procedure done through FTA portal. Procedure for deregistration of VAT in UAE, Nevertheless, the businesses which stop functioning need to obtain company liquidation letter from the Govt authorities. The apply for the deregistration of VAT. CDA offers seamless to help businesses cancel their VAT services. .

In a recent issuance, the FTA announce that companies can opt for deregistration from the VAT. based on certain conditions in accordance with the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017.

procedure that allows a business to withdraw from paying taxes either voluntarily or mandatorily. 

VAT Deregistration Form UAE

A VAT Deregistration Form in the UAE is a document used to request cancellation of a business’s Value Added Tax (VAT) registration with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), and must be submitted along with the required documents and a valid reason for the cancellation.

What is Voluntary Disclosure in VAt UAE

Once the application for the VAT deregistration in UAE is submitt to the FTA. it will check the application and cancel the VAT number provided to the entity if it has compliet with the law. If the reasons are not valid and the conditions are unfulfill. the FTA may reject the application for deregistration.

The FTA proclaimed that the UAE Tax System is based entirely on voluntary compliance by Taxable Persons. whether it is with regard to registration, filing Tax Returns and payment of due tax or de-registration. 

Hence, a company can apply for the deregistration voluntarily or mandatorily, as discusse below.

VAT Deregistration for Groups

As per Article 17, a Registrant cannot apply for VAT Deregistration within 12 months of the date of

Tax Registration.

A company can go forward with voluntary deregistration procedure.

  • If it has completed 12 months of the date of Tax Registration.
  • If it does no longer supply the goods that are taxable.
  • If its annual turnover is below AED 187,500 even after supplying taxable goods.
  • If its total value of the anticipated taxable supplies or expenses subject to tax in the coming 30-days. period will not exceed the voluntary registration threshold.
  • If the company is closed forever.

VAT Registration UAE

VAT Registration refers to the process of registering a business for VAT with a government authority, allowing the business to charge VAT on taxable supplies and to claim back VAT on eligible expenses.

VAT Pre-Audit in UAE

A VAT Pre-Audit in the UAE is a proactive review of a business's VAT compliance and reporting, aimed at identifying and correcting any potential issues before a formal VAT audit.

VAT Return Filling UAE

VAT Return Filing in the UAE refers to the process of submitting regular reports to the FTA that detail a business's taxable supplies, purchases, and input VAT, in order to calculate and pay any VAT owed.

VAT Penalties Reconsideration

VAT Penalties Reconsideration in the UAE is the process of appealing a VAT-related penalty imposed by the FTA, in order to challenge or reduce the imposed fine.

VAT Voluntary Disclosure in UAE

VAT Voluntary Disclosure in the UAE refers to the process of voluntarily disclosing previously undeclared or under-declared taxable supplies or transactions to the FTA, usually with a view to regularizing their VAT affairs.

VAT Refund UAE

VAT Refund in the UAE refers to the process of reclaiming VAT paid on eligible expenses for businesses registered in the UAE who are not able to recover the tax through the normal VAT credit mechanism

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in the UAE refer to professional services that assist businesses in accurately recording and reporting their financial transactions and in compliance with UAE's accounting and tax regulations.

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