VAT Pre-Audit in UAE


VAT Pre-Audit in UAE

VAT Health Check in UAE is a complex tax affecting each aspect of your business in the UAE and the worldwide market. 

As a self-assessing tax, it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to certain they are accounting for the right. Amount of tax and at the right time. FTA carries out VAT examine or audits at varying intervals. If they recognize errors, the company shall be subject to penal provisions including impose of tax, interest, and fines. The major purpose of a VHC is to ensure that as a business. Your handling of VAT is in line with present FTA VAT laws and regulations.

What is a VAT health Check  in UAE?

An objective evaluation of the effectiveness of the VAT. Procedures, paperwork, and control measures is known as a VHC. It includes a review of VAT returns, analysis of relevant business transactions. And the maintenance of tax history as require by the law. There requirement not be a specific cause for the FTA to call for the VAT audit of a company. Therefore it is important to be transparent and exact with. The VAT returns and same statutory requirements to avoid non-compliance penalties. The VAT Health Check in UAE will be carried out in accordance with the procedures and needs as enlist by FTA.

VHC includes the following:

  • Assess your in-house accounting records; documents; VAT records etc.
  • Review of your file returns to recognize any grey areas wherein you are perpetually making errors.
  • Check if the return figures as per VAT documentation match with the financial records
  • examine if you are making use of the VAT laws in getting proper credits or refunds.  for your business and if the same are claim in the returns.
  • Identify regions wherein you can plan for a proper VAT planning.
  • Review of maintenance of accounts and data and audit trail for your VAT files.
  • Identifying areas of concern or opportunities, Confirm that all your VAT returns files are filed accurately and properly in relation to your business income and allowable expenses.
  • Confirm that all your documents are irreconcilable with the FTA needs and if all of them are replace or renew whenever it is due.


VAT Registration UAE

VAT Registration refers to the process of registering a business for VAT with a government authority, allowing the business to charge VAT on taxable supplies and to claim back VAT on eligible expenses.

VAT Deregistration UAE

VAT Deregistration in the UAE refers to the process of cancelling a business's registration for VAT and discontinuing their obligation to charge and pay VAT.

VAT Return Filling UAE

VAT Return Filing in the UAE refers to the process of submitting regular reports to the FTA that detail a business's taxable supplies, purchases, and input VAT, in order to calculate and pay any VAT owed.

VAT Penalties Reconsideration

VAT Penalties Reconsideration in the UAE is the process of appealing a VAT-related penalty imposed by the FTA, in order to challenge or reduce the imposed fine.

VAT Voluntary Disclosure in UAE

VAT Voluntary Disclosure in the UAE refers to the process of voluntarily disclosing previously undeclared or under-declared taxable supplies or transactions to the FTA, usually with a view to regularizing their VAT affairs.

VAT Refund UAE

VAT Refund in the UAE refers to the process of reclaiming VAT paid on eligible expenses for businesses registered in the UAE who are not able to recover the tax through the normal VAT credit mechanism

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in the UAE refer to professional services that assist businesses in accurately recording and reporting their financial transactions and in compliance with UAE's accounting and tax regulations.

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