VAT Penalties Reconsideration


VAT Penalties Reconsideration

The FTA appoints a represent member to review a requisition for vat penalties reconsideration.

If you do not assent with a vat penalties reconsideration decision issue. by the local authority (Federal Tax Authority – FTA) it is viable to ask for them to be reconsider.  It is a request petition that can be submit by a Registrant/Non-registrant or tax agent. after preparing a proper case study that produces evidence justifying. the cause why a vat penalties reconsideration payment should not be issue.

Based on experiences so far of tax riper sensitive. the FTA is enough responsive and in most cases. when the application is properly explain  and VAT Refund in detail. the tax authorities tend to provide a waiver of vat penalties reconsideration.

The request process is clear and practical. as per Article-27 of Federal Law No. (7) Of 2017 on Tax Procedures. the petition must be submit within 20 business day. the applicant being notifie of the decision. The requisition can be submit by using an online FTA portal. The application is only acceptable. in the Arabi language (all supporting document, certificate, etc. must be provid in Arabic).

The FTA appoints a represent member to review a requisition for vat penalties reconsideration .  if it has fulfill the requirements. Then they will make a valid. decision within business days from receipt of the application. the applicant will be inform of the decision 5 days thereafter. In case of any documents/clarification need from the applicant. the represent member from the authority. will contact the applicant via dissimilar communication channels.Obligatory attachments of the request are.

  • Authoriz Signatory Passport duplication.
  • Authoriz signatory Emirates ID duplicate.
  • Authorization evidence i.e., MOA/POA etc.
  • A case study letter with supporting documentation.

If the application is approve. the penalties quantity will be reversed on applicant FTA VAT Refund ledger. and the applicant will receive a verification email from the FTA. If the requisition is reject. one might turn to the “Tax Disputes Resolution Committee” for further reconsideration.  

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